Friday, November 21, 2008

Harvard Beats Yale

On the eve of the 125th installment of "The Game," the annual football rivalry between Harvard and Yale, The New York Times reviews what Manohla Dargis calls a "preposterously entertaining documentary" of the most famous of all Games, the 1968 29-29 tie.


Steve.Heise said...

I must say, living in the realm where "The Game" is relevant to some people, I have not heard peep about it all week. Of course, I don't watch ESPN, FoxSports or NESN owing to a lack of a TV, but even in print or on the radio I haven't heard much about it at all. I expect, nay, I HOPE I hear so little about the Beanpot when that comes around.

p.s. Congrats on the book getting published, finally. :)

GoodLiberal said...

You forgot to mention that Brown won a share of the Ivy championship yesterday ;)

dcat said...

Two points --

Steve: I agree that The Game is not necessarily a huge sporting event in Boston, a fundamentally pro sports town where even some darned good Boston College sports teams have to take a backseat. But culturally, Harvard-Yale is pretty important.
As for the book, I only received my PhD five years ago, so I'm not that far behind pace, given all that has transpired since then.

GoodLib --
Indeed, an oversight on my part! Congrats to Brown!