Saturday, November 08, 2008

Dumb Conservatism Watch

This Charles Krauthammer op-ed is vaguely incoherent and kind of dumb (in other words it is a typical Charles Krauthammer column). But I'd like to take issue with this especially dumb assertion, tagged on at the end of his column as if most people do not read to the very last paragraph of his silliness: "He [John McCain] will be -- he should be -- remembered as the most worthy presidential nominee ever to be denied the prize."

This is a categorically fucking inane thing to write. More worthy than John Kerry? Why, exactly? More worthy than Al Gore, who spent eight years as the Vice President (and served in Vietnam)? Why, exactly? Conservatives in the United States have become the masters of assertion without evidence, but why should we give MORE credit to a man who held the United States in such low esteem that he felt that the unvetted candidacy of Sarah Palin represented a legitimate leadership opportunity for this country he so purported to love?


ed schmitt said...

I agree wholeheartedly Derek. It's obviously asserted in the emotion of the moment and in the wake of McCain's very graceful concession. It could make for an interesting discussion, however. It would all, of course lie in the criteria you'd employ, but who is the most worthy major party nominee not to win? Henry Clay?

Anonymous said...

Adlai Stevenson

dcat said...

Ed & Anon --
Obviously this list could go back a long way, so I just stopped at the last two to come up short. But was McCain really more worthy, by any definition, than Bob Dole? Or for that matter than Walter Mondale? I just have no idea what the assertion ultimately even means.