Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Holmes Racin'

Holmes got to drive a race car a few laps around Lowe's Motor Speedway in Charlotte. Here is his account. The only thing that could have improved it for him would have been if he had drawn the #41 car. And yes, that is likely the only auto racing coverage we're likely to have on dcat this year.


Slicer said...

Which is much better than no coverage at all, my friend!

dcat said...

Ever since I lived in Charlotte I at least have paid some attention to who is leading the points race, the main controversies, and so forth. If I'm home I can watch a race with my Dad. And I tend to root for Jeff Gordon, if only because 99% of the NASCAR knuckleheads I've run into hate him. One of the main excuses is that he doesn't do much in terms of working on his own car, which is like disliking a quarterback because he doesn't craft his own shoulder pads.