Friday, August 15, 2008

Beachward Ho!

We are off to a couple of days at the beach near Corpus Christi. I'll return to San Antonio hopelessly sunburned Sunday night and will be back in West Texas Monday evening. I should be back to blogging Tuesday, by which point we will have seen one of the greatest 100 meter dash finals ever, and Michael Phelps will have earned his eight golds and will undoubtedly be shoulders deep in gaggles of nubile Olympic flesh. (Well, what the hell else would you expect him to do? Sightsee?)


Anonymous said...

i always read of you going to different places in the states. howeverm for someone as enlightened as you show yourself to be, do you ever wish, or have you ever been to europe, to the great historical nations of austria, Germany,France, Britain, Spain, etc.#
this is danny.

Anonymous said...

how close was phelps and the serb? 1 100th of a second, and more miliseconds in between them, asingle one, and they would have been even. of course, conspiracy theorys wil spur from this, was it fixed? either way, you came so close to not getting your eight. however, 1 more race to go.
also, britains three best sports are on today, cycling, which wehave1gold in already, rowing and sailing, in which we are fighting you for gold, and winning. you will see us climg the table. also, did you see rebecca adlington wipe the floor with all the rest in swimming?

dcat said...

Danny --
I have spent a great deal of time in the UK, especially in England, as well as Ireland. I was a fellow as Oxford for a few months in 2005 and try to return at least once a year. I am pretty well traveled, though for reasons related to my work, when I travel internationally I oftentimes end up in southern Africa or the UK.

Sports Illustrated has a great picture of the finish to the 100 fly from below, and Phelps did out-touch him by the barest of margins.

I'm going to post something about the medal counts soon, so that may give you some fodder one way or the other for your nationalist leanings.


Anonymous said...

ha ha, yes, i am a nationalist, and as you can expect, i have seen the medal tables many times, and i am overjoyed to see us third, best we have done since 1920. since you and australia china and russia and all have more than twice the amount of athletes, i am even more full of pride to see us above russia by miles and australia, by three golds. i always saind to people, wait for the velodrome, lol, and more to come in that today. i hoped to keep the distance between uk and us to les than 20 golds, ha, maybe we can close it to about 5 or 6. maybe, even, just maybe, we will challenge you, thouroughly, in london in 2012, but seriously, what are we going to dso about these chinese machines eh? but howhard are they treated if they dont win. did you see the shooter who got bronze, and was forced to apologise for it? thats communists for you, though they are a sorry excuse even for that, hardly the ussr.