Monday, June 18, 2007

From Sea to Sky

Yesterday we left Vancouver via the Sea-to-Sky Highway, which took us to Central British Columbia and a tiny little stopping off point, Cache Creek. The drive was slow and winding and at times treacherous, but also gorgeous. The route goes from Vancouver and its port setting through the mountains, including Whistler, where the nordic events in the 2010 Winter Olympics will be held (Vancouver is hosting the rest of the events). Whistler Village was ersatz and pricey, nowhere near as organic or characterful as Lake Placid, to be sure. We stopped a lot to take in various views and to take pictures, and the whole 250-or-so kilometer journey took more than six hours. BC is spectacular, sparsely populated, and vast.

Today we will travel due north to Prince George, where we'll spend another night before heading due west toward Prince Ruppert and, hopefully, our debarkation point for Southeastern Alaska.

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Mark said...

When you're in Prince George, don't breath too deeply (it's a pulp and mining town). But Prince Rupert is gorgeous!! Might I suggest you try sea-kayaking in the harbour.