Wednesday, January 01, 2014

A Quick Q and A, David Brooks as Fraud Division

Q: Is David Brooks a Fatuous Gasbag Who is Both Bad at Journalism and Bad at Social Science?

A: Yes.

Look, no one, including me, actually gives a good goddamn about this blog. It represents a painless way for me to maintain easy access to my own publications that are online and a lazy way to hold on to my online bookmarks.

Still, a new year's resolution: I'm going to try a post a week in 2014. I know that since I have not written 12 posts in the last four years combined that seems implausible. But I'm going to try it as much to provide a thought record for me as to provide anything publishable. Nonetheless: Every so often? I'll say something worthwhile.

And yes, David Brooks is just horrible.

My favorite part of the article I link to above is Brooks' shoddy efforts at big timing the journalist who has quite clearly revealed that Brooks ought to have zero credibility.


Mojodessa said...

Awesome blog Sir. FYI, I enjoy the profanity.

Anonymous said...

You better keep this promise Dcat. We're watching you.

Anonymous said...

you commie pinko bastard, David Brooks could run circles around your pea-sized little brain