Thursday, March 28, 2013

Grups, Yupsters, and Alterna-Yuppies

Somehow I had missed seeing this 2006 New York magazine article on the way that a certain sub-section of Generation X (which is to say my generation) has managed to avoid the generation gap with their younger cohorts and both the up and down sides that this leveling implies. Because I resemble a lot of myself in the class that is being depicted I am inclined to be charitable toward this epi-phenomenon (I still listen to [good] new music! I dress casually! I know contemporary cultural references!] but there is a lot of room for Portlandia-level self-parody in this particular version of the Peter Pan complex.


O Ritmo Segundo said...

Did you know that the comments on that article indicate it was published at least 4 years ago? (I still can't figure out the exact date of publication). The internet truly does have a way of making things timeless, which likely reinforces the very phenomenon described.

Ed Schmitt said...

Wow - it was actually published 7 years ago. I never saw it either. Thanks for sharing, Derek.

dcat said...

I actually had intended to highlight that this seemingly timely article was from 2006, so thanks to both of you for pointing it out. WI don't have kids, so I cannot speak to that part of the article, but the rest of it was pretty eerie in terms of how it spoke to me.