Monday, June 06, 2011

Friday Night Lights v. Glee

In this past weekend's New York Times Magazine Heather Havrilesky tries to explain why Glee has become a phenomenon and Friday Night Lights struggled to find an audience despite FNL being a vastly superior show.

I like Glee (hey, I was a music nerd in high school, college, and beyond). But Friday Night Lights is one of the greatest shows ever to grace the small screen. In my ranking it trails only The Wire, and in many ways Friday Night Lights is as powerful and sometimes moreso.


El Aguila said...

Do you remember Sports Night? It was outstanding and just never found an audience because it was perceived as a sports show that would only entertain the average ESPN viewer. I think FNL falls under the same naivete.

dcat said...

I love, love, love Sports Night. I have the series on dvd. In addition to the issue you raise, I think the show might have been the first of the "dramedies" and so people did not know how to take it. There was no laugh track after the first couple of episodes and it addressed hard hitting issues. So very good.