Monday, June 06, 2011

The 75 Books Every Man Should Read

Esquire has a slideshow of "The 75 Books Every Man Should Read." How many have you read? I'm not proud to say that a quick accounting has me at only about 26.


Thunderstick said...

I've only read 12. I have seen 59 of the 75 movies every guy should see.

Tom said...

I'm at around 13 of the books and another 10 of the authors. Overall a good list, if a little too angst ridden and pretentious for my taste, especially the war books.

Along those lines, in my opinion, every man should read Gates of Fire, Starship Troopers, and everything possible by Kipling, for starters.

dcat said...

I've seen forty-something of the movies.
Adding in the authors I've read something by but not from this list and I'm up to about 50.
What I like is that they preface it by saying it's completely arbitrary. I think by almost any measure Esquire might be the best magazine in America (and Esquire's UK version may be the best magazine in the UK).

I think every man should read Freedom's Main Line. But the only way to appreciate it is to buy one's own new copy.


Tom said...

I'm in the high forties on the movies, but the war movies and commentary on that list is even more angst ridden than the books.

For the record, "Platoon" is a fine film, but it does not equal "War," or even "Vietnam War."

Also, Patton slapping the soldier made plenty of folks want to join the army, not stay out. And if those people made this list, Team America would have made the cut.

I do love Johnny Dangerously. Great call on that one.

dcat said...

I ran across Johnny Dangerously the other night at about 3:00 and watched a bit but was exhausted. I tried to see if it is on at any other point soon and sadly is not. It truly is a great (and tragically overlooked) movie.