Thursday, March 03, 2011

Apportioning Blame

Want to know who to blame for the NFL's player-owner conflict? This sums it up just about perfectly.


El Aguila said...

They sound like every other group made up of captains of industry. The factors he describes have played a role with many of the major financial scandals over the last few years. Big money is trying to maximize their profits while the governing body protects their interests at the expense of labor or the average consumer.. And we sheep are going along with it. And include ESPN as contributing to this bonanza. Why does every Sports Center and PTI episode have to begin with the labor talks. Fuck the NFL in March! March Madness, Spring Training and all the games in the NBA count, well most of them, sorry Cleveland and Sacramento.

Chester Cheetah said...

Ugh. Spring Training, March Madness? Most of us would rather watch paint dry. How long till pre-season again???

dcat said...

El Aguila --
Agreed on all counts. This is so beyond the control of the average fan and it is all made worse because it continues to be the lead story on every show despite so very little actual news being made. One element that everyone seems to elide -- a huge number of these stadia were built with public funds. One would think that would give actual taxpayers standing in some sort of class action anti-trust suit.

Chester Cheetah --
A person who only cares about one sport is a deeply uninteresting person indeed.