Friday, August 13, 2010

Yeay Williams!

The methodology might be stupid (RateMyProfessor is actually a factor in assessment, which is fucking retarded) but another college rating system has Williams ranked #1 (Princeton is second, Amherst third, Harvard eighth).

Hat Tip.


Jim said...

Although sometimes comments in these online sites are interesting (and even humorous), I don't see how anyone could take them seriously, as skewed a representation as they are. Some profs have only 3 or 4 ratings, while others many, and even so, they are but a tiny percentage (therefore the sample is wildly skewed). Luckily they didn't really have that system up and running while I was teaching: I would be mortified to see what comments would have been sent my way.

Slicer said...

...Ohio Wesleyan 248th.

dcat said...

Jim --
Yeah -- any serious system that uses sites like these are idiotic as the opinions are self-selected and of course come from a tiny, tiny selection of student opinion.