Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Getting Linky

A few stories that have piqued my interest:

Sports Illustrated has a great article on Welsh rugby player Gareth Thomas, who has more caps for Wales than any player in that country's history. He also is openly gay. And he is still playing. The question that motivates Gary Smith's article is when will there be an openly gay player in American team sports?

Conservatives always seem to predict apocalypse when it comes to social reform and economic regulation. And they are almost always completely wrong.

I don't think I have ever seen a Powerpoint presentation that did not detract a lot more than it added. Most people who use Powerpoint use it as a crutch to cover up their inability to convey material well. As a result students come to rely upon it as if it were necessary. It looks like many in the US military agree with me.

Here is an experiment all married people should get behind: Try to do it every day for a month. (Honey? Are you reading?)


Sara said...

Not just an Rx for married people (unmarried partners 2). Enjoyed the article...having it on the menu everyday for a month. I'm with you...well...not with you...but you know what I mean. WebMD and have great articles on its benefits, too: relieves stress, lowers blood pressure, boosts immunity, burns calories (30 minutes burns 85 calories or more), improves the cardiovascular system, boosts self-esteem, reduces pain (so if you have a headache or are experiencing PMS symptoms, your condition will improve), reduces prostate cancer risk, and helps you sleep better. Gosh, with so many benefits, who wouldn't want it everyday for a month?!

dcat said...

I'm sold!