Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Patricia Marx is an Ass

You want to know why a lot of people think the east coast (read: New York) intellectual class are effete assholes? How about these opening two sentences from Patricia Marx's brief "On and Off the Avenue" piece in The New Yorker on the arts and crafts store Michael's:

New York is rich in culture, cuisine, and commerce. The suburbs have parking spots and fast food, and they also have Michael’s, the largest arts-and-crafts supply chain in North America.

I love cities. I love the east coast. Outside of its sports teams (and fans) I love New York. I live in West Texas, decidedly not an enclave of the east coast elites. But I am associated with of those folks by background, by politics, by temperament and by preference. Patricia Marx, you are the reason why a mendacious drizzlewit like Sarah Palin can plausibly differentiate "real America" from her stereotype of a segment of the east coast. I hope you drown in a yachting accident. I hate nothing more than when my own side frags me with their idiocy.


El Aguila said...

To be fair, this summer when I was in New York I saw a lot of fast food restaurants. There was also a crazy number of Subway Sandwiches, Lids Hat Stores, and Starbucks. If I remember correctly those same three stores exist near or in the Midland and Odessa malls: just a little bit of shared commercial taste for New York and West Texas. What she fails to understand is that there is no place in America free of such economic demands and tastes.

dcat said...

The Eagle --
I think you're exactly right. This silly attempt to differentiate cities from suburbs is silly. And this attempt to priviledge cities while simultaneously disparaging suburbs (and by extension the rest of the non-city world, after all, Odessa has a Michael's too) reveals a remarkable self awareness of exactly what it is about a tiny but vocal slice of American urban life that so many in flyover country hate. After all, it's from places like New York that we get the old "Starbucks opens up across street from other Starbucks" joke.

I hope she chokes on her gourmet non-Starbucks latte.