Thursday, January 29, 2009

RIP Book World

The rumors are true. The Washington Post is abandoning the Sunday Book World as a stand-alone section and will be integrating it with other sections of the newspaper. This is terrible news for book lovers and especially for those of us who feel that serious writing about books is important.

When I lived in Washington, and whenever I travel there, which is fairly regularly, I have always looked forward to Book World as a staple. It always provided a non-New York centered look at books, and often was every bit as good as its New York Times counterpart, and on some Sundays could be significantly better. Much will be lost in this transition. And virtually nothing gained. I'm not quite in mourning. But I'm also not far from it.

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of books. I received an enormous box today from the University of Kentuck Press with a shiny new hardcover book, "Freedom's Main Line: The Journey of Recnciliation and the Freedom Rides." I'm really excited and can't wait to start reading, I'm sure I will have tons of questions. At any rate, this is a fine book, I really like the jacket photo, I actually wish I could have a poster of this photograph. I hope all is well!