Monday, December 08, 2008

The Darfur Crisis (Self Indulgence Edition)

The Foreign Policy Association has published a lengthy piece that I have been working on for quite a while, "Never Again," Again: The Darfur Crisis. It is also available in .pdf, with footnotes, here.

The Opening paragraph:

The pattern is relentless, bleak, frustrating, and odiously predictable. The leadership of Sudan and its murderous minions engage in brazen and cynical acts of murder and foment chaos, either directly or by proxy. The rest of the world responds tepidly if it responds at all. Sudan oversteps, the world criticizes, hinting of ramifications to come. Sudan backs off just long enough for the goldfish-length attention span of the western powers to turn their attentions elsewhere. And then the self-preserving thugs in Khartoum return almost immediately to their cruel and rapacious ways.
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Steve said...

Dcat - I read the full pdf article and depressingly agreed with pretty much everything contained therein. In particular the idea that if the current troubles can be contained/resolved, what hope can there be for such a fragmented country to become a viable nation?

The "I wish we had done more" contention is very pertinent - although if GWB is ever asked, he'll probably say "Where?" or that,"I prefer SUVs to Sudans"

Mandino said...

Well, there can be some other ways to resolve the problems. Hold captive all those leaders that are in command. Have them face to face to talk. Leave them be to with each other to talk in peace. Well, I really do think that there has to be an unconditional peace in Sudan. The other one is impossible. All those who has grudges on each other will disappear. That is how difficult the situation is. the people there have long been holding a lot of grudge against each other.
Mandino P. Cheng
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