Thursday, June 12, 2008

Take Me Out to the . . . Concession Stands

If you've been looking for a culinary assessment of the offerings at every Major League ballpark (and you know you have) look no further. The New York Times has yor back, with an interactive map with pics. Mmmm, hot dogs . . .


Rhonda said...

This month's Portfolio ranks ballparks according to their concession health code violations:

Not quite as fun, but informative!

Anonymous said...

Oh my...I just red this interactive feature. I think I will just stick with sunflower seeds.

dcat said...

Rhonda --
Thanks. I was thrilled not to see Fenway among the violators, and equally filled with schadenfreude to see both New York baseball stadia high on the list. And remind me to be wary of eating in SoCal's concessions.

Tramaine --
I think the list I provided offered a ton of great food options, alongside some useful warnings.
I am looking forward to chowing down at the Midland Rockhounds game tonight . . .


Anonymous said...

LOL...Midland Rockhounds, eh? Upon leaving West Texas, I have completely...well, I have somewhat left my West Texas roots in Odessa. I am no longer a beef or a red meat eater. I'm moving on to become what my mom thinks is becoming a part of the Rastafarian movement with growing locks in my hair, but anyways...I really dig baseball, so what are semi-veggie, yogi people supposed to eat when they go to the ballpark?
check this out:

GoodLiberal said...

Fenway will always be the best. However, when visiting some friends who work on the Hill, I insisted on going to see a Nats' game and Ben's Chilli Bowl rocked my world. Awesome.

dcat said...

GoodLib --
The Nats new stadium is great, and I too love that they brought a DC classic into the stadium. Ben's Chili Bowl is a DC institution and I can think of no more apt ballpark addition than bringing BCB in as the ultimate cleanup hitter! (See what i did there?)