Saturday, June 07, 2008

Sexism? Um, No.

It is sort of crazy -- and a sign of the desperation that has long sense emerged within the Clinton campaign -- for Hillary Clinton or her supporters to claim sexism as a viable explanation for her inability to secure the Democratic nomination. For Hillary to claim sexism in the face of a black candidate sort of begs the obvious question: Was Hillary's support based on racism? After all, one cannot possibly claim the legitimately pernicious but in this case far from clear bias of sexism without having to address the much more clear, and in terms of American history far more pernicious, bias of racism against Obama. In short, it's the wrong gambit against the wrong guy. In the who-got-done-wrong in US history faceoff, African Americans pretty much prevail handily in any discussion in which they are pitted against rich white American women (point of fact: the second-most privileged category of human beings ever to walk the face of the planet).

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