Monday, April 07, 2008

On Gettin' Hitched

Since I am apparently in a nostalgic mood for grad school days in Athens, I may as well point out that another of my professors, Katherine Jellison, recently had her long-awaited book on American weddings published by Kansas. For a nifty synopsis of the argument, see this article in Ohio University's magazine of research, Perspectives.

(On a separate note, is it the new trend among alumni publications to produce more than one alumni publication, decoupling features on research and campus life from alumni news-qua-alumni news? Williams did so a couple of years back and now Ohio appears to have done the same.)


Anonymous said...

Weddings are big business in the USA and hats off to this new book and all the information it has concerning this very important day !! Thanks for the info DCat !

dcat said...

No problem! I expect the book to be insightful and a good read. She has been working on it since I arrived at OU more than a decade ago, so she put a lot of serious work and thought into it and I'm looking forward to rading it.