Monday, April 21, 2008

The B's are Back

Like Sportsguy, I'm back on the Bruins bandwagon. My interest in them waned for many of the same reasons his did, though I never fully left them. Nonetheless, the return to what was once one of the great rivalries in sports, Bruins-Canadiens, coupled with the B's mattering again has me back in a big way. Unlike baseball or football or basketball (or rugby or track or maybe a few others), hockey is a sport about which I cannot now write with any particular authority, but it is in my blood. I am named after a former Bruin great (on and, perhaps even more legendarily off the ice) named Derek Sanderson. My first team jersey was not of the Sox or Pats or C's, but rather was a classic black Bruins spoked-B jersey that I got from my great aunt Joan, who lived in Boston.

I have a good feeling about the game that drops puck in 18 minutes. Go B's! Beat those dastards from Montreal.

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