Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spam For You, Spam For Me

Although this is a cumbersome and inefficient way to deal with a techie problem, if any of you have received emails from me that seemed really peculiar the reason is most likely because some sort of worm invaded my computer and has been sending emails to everyone in my address book. I have received more than a hundred emails showing that many of the deliveries failed, but I also know that many are getting through. I have no idea how to stop this or what the ramifications might be, so bear with me if you are one of the lucky ones whose spam firewall is not up to snuff. The irony is that the hijacker is a Chinese company (or says that it is) called "HonestestSeller." Honest(est)ly.


Anonymous said...

Actually, I thought it was that you finally angered enough people at UTPB, were fired and that Ana forced you to get a new job working in a Chinese sweat shop.

- Donnie Baseball

dcat said...

DonnieB --
Hey, how'd you hear about my backup plan?