Friday, March 07, 2008

Is McCain a Lightweight?

A pretty reasonable case can be made that John McCain is something of a lightweight on domestic policies. But, we're told, that does not matter because he is strong on foreign policy. And Republicans want to convince us that we'll finally get the leadership that we need in Iraq. But not so fast says Steve Chapman at Real Clear Politics.

McCain is getting the kid glove treatment from the media because, well, he won the GOP nomination while the Democrats seem to be in some sort of cage match. But there is a long time yet to go, and McCain will get his chance to face scrutiny. Don't be surprised to discover that beneath the gravitas there is not too much policy substance. And that may be ok -- McCain is a good and honorable man and would almost certainly be better than what preceded him as president (yeah, I know, 'soft bigotry of low expectations"). But in a campaign that will be based on judgment and experience I think we have a right to ask about the judgments he made and what he has done with that experience.


GoodLiberal said...

Didn't McCain admit in the Wall Street Journalism that he is still 'educating himself' on economics?

dcat said...

GoodLib --
Yes, even McCain's most ardent supporters would have a hard time selling their man as having much heft on economic matters. And that's ok -- surround yourself with people who have such expertise. But if he decides to use economics as a weapon in the fall, it will be fair game to call him on his economic beliefs and experience.