Friday, February 01, 2008

Tom Brady: The Best of All Time

The Boston Globe has an article speculating on Tom Brady's place in the all-time pantheon of quarterbacks. My own view is that if he never takes another snap in the NFL he is assured of being on any top five lists. If he leads the Pats to Super Bowl title number four and caps off the perfect season I think it puts him in any conversation of the best ever. And keep in mind that Brady is only 30 years old. before he is done he might have such a stranglehold on the top spot that the conversation will be settled for a generation.


Rich said...

I think Montana and Brady are in a class of their own. Guys like Bradshaw, Stabler, Aikman, Elway, Manning and Favre are certainly in the mix and their achievements should in no way be discounted. The thing about Montana is that he always had Rice and Taylor and always had Craig at RB. To date, Brady has 3 Super Bowl rings, and can you name his top 2 receivers from each of those teams? I can give you Dieon Branch and that's only because he was MVP a couple of years ago. The addition of Moss this year highlighted just how downright nasty Brady is, borderline unfair.

Mike and Mike were discussing this morning how the Pats could be just as good if not better next year and speculating on who may actually not return from this year's team. There is a chance Seau could end on a high note and retire and there was talk about Bruschi hanging it up, but he's been solid and showing no ill-effects of the stroke so that is slim. Even if Seau leaves, a guy named Colvin is waiting to get back into the game. Moss is certainly going to get a nice contract extension. Unfair, indeed.

dcat said...

Rich --
Old timers would want you to add Unitis and Otto Graham to that list, and Marino certainly belongs as well, as does Peyton, no matter how it pains me to say as much.
I think the big question for the Pats will be Moss, and that will be a twofold question. The first will be what moss wants. If he simply wants to get paid the Pats won't blow up their pay structure to pay him. they just won't. But if Moss wants to win, still be paid well, and be part of this Pats thing for a while, I think they'll re-sign him.
The Pats D is going to have to change in the next year or two, and I would not be surprised to see the linebacking corps by 2009 be without Bruschi, Seau, and Vrabel. This draft and the next will be key for the Pats.
On a wholly different note, my belly is full of chicken enchiladas from Rosa's Cafe and I must say, they were quite yummy.