Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Potomac Primary

If it's another Tuesday, then in this topsy-turvy election season, that means another important day of primaries. Today Virginians, Marylanders (-ites?) and those taxed but unrepresented denizens of the District of Columbia go to the polls for what has been dubbed the "Potomac Primary." Although John McCain has the Republican nomination all but locked up, Mike Huckabee's wing-and-a-prayer candidacy continues to reveal the fissures in the Republican Party, all eyes (maybe thankfully for GOP loyalists) are on the Democrats. It is likely that Barack Obama will have another good day, and it seems clear that Hillary is borrowing at least a part of a page from Rudy Giuliani's playbook by putting most of her chips on Ohio and Texas in a few weeks. In today's Washington Post Dan Balz has a fantastic article addressing some of the key questions not only for today's races, but for the long term for both parties.


Zpop said...

Marylandites!? All us Marylanders in the audience take offense.

dcat said...

Hey -- no offense intended. I think you people are all Marylan-tastic!