Monday, December 03, 2007

Mmmmmmm, Donuts!

MSN has America's top 10 donut shops (via Bret Stetka, a donut- obsessive who serves his country by maintaining The Blognut, which devotes coverage to "all donuts, all the time."). Mmmmm, donuts! Texas gets an entry but on the whole I find that the Lone Star State does not get the art of the pastry with the hole in it. Let us know your favorite donut stops. (Or weigh in on the eternal Krispy Kreme v. Dunkin' Donuts debate. I love fresh Krispy Kreme glazed, but pound for pound, donut for donut, this native New Englander is going to keep with his regional loyalties and back Dunkin' Donuts.)


Thunderstick said...

Krispy Kreme vs. Dunkin Donuts is like the Cavs vs. the Spurs--KK has the best player and a bunch of garbage (the fresh, still warm honey dipped is Lebron), but DD has the best team and will always win (chocolate honey dipped, Boston Kreme, jelly, maple glazed are Duncan, Parker, Ginobli and Robert Horry and munchkins are Popovich).

I realize this analogy says that Lebron is better than Duncan--clearly a point up for debate. But it's just for the purpose of the analogy.

By the way--voodoo doughnuts in Portland, Oregon is ridiculously good.

dcat said...

That's a damned good analogy. Well played, my friend.