Monday, December 31, 2007

I Love the 80s

On a night when the Lakers wore the sorts of short shorts that Larry Legend and Magic once donned, the C's plastered the Lakers 110-91. It was like the 1980s all over again. The Celtics are relevant. Hell, the C's are dominant. And so this game in LA mattered too. As G-Rob, who sent that link, wrote me today:
Boston LA was the greatest rivalry in the 80s. My life seemed to hinge on their match-ups throughout the year.

He's right, of course. It is hard to remember, but there was a time when C's-Lakers was the biggest rivalry in sports. It was much bigger than Sox-Yanks in the 1980s when neither baseball team was good at the same time. (If the C's relevance is hazy it might be even harder for most of you to believe that Bruins-Canadiens was a monster rivalry as well. By the way -- The B's were supposed to be awful this year, and as of right now are one of the top five teams in the East.)

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