Monday, November 19, 2007

In the Valley of the Sun

We spent the day driving from Odessa to the greater Phoenix area in order to spend the week with this guy and his family. It took about ten hours driving across desert terrain that took us through El Paso, Las Cruces, Tucson, and into the epicenter of the Valley of the Sun. Thanksgiving Day activities will involve your faithful scribe participating in a fun run with Jaime's son while his parents run the real race, an enormous amount of food, and then tailgating before that night's Arizona State-USC game, for which we have tickets. Otherwise the week will consist of world class caliber hanging out, overeating, and buying ASU stuff. I'll post as I can, but in any case, have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


Jaime said...

The baby was cranky all day yesterday and Holly thinks it's because there was no one around to hold her all day. I blame AMart and DCat for spoiling my kids. (Fist pointing at the sky) CATINEZ!!!!!!!!!!

It was great having the both of you with us at Hacienda Aguila again. Maybe next time you will actually see Phoenix. Maybe early February?


dcat said...

I am already penciling early February on to my calendar. Go Pats! We'll come bearing gifts for those kids of yours.