Friday, November 16, 2007

Big Papi for MVP?

At The Boston Globe Jason Tuouhey argues that not only did David Ortiz have a much better season than people realize, he also deserves MVP consideration over Alex Rodriguez, who is practically preordained to receive the award unanimously, or nearly so, when voting is announced on Monday. Every year the discussion ensues as to what the Most Valuable Player award actually means. That is to say, how do we define "valuable"? I'm not certain I buy Tuouhey's argument, but he makes a much better case than I expected that he would when I first started reading his piece.

But one aspect I find interesting is that i simply do not care about the postseason awards now. For years, the award season was all that Red Sox fans had to salvage a season that went awry sometime between June and late October. Now? Let Sabbathia win thew Cy Young Award over Josh Beckett. Anyone who watched the postseason knows who is the better pitcher. Let Eric Wedge win Manager of the Year. We have Terry Francona, the only manager ever to win his first five World Series games as a manager (he is at eight and counting). I hope ARod enjoys his MVP award (and his new contract. Way to take a tough stand, Hank Steinbrenner. Punk.). Big Papi will just have to wait to size his second World Series winners ring.

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Anonymous said...

Beckett certainly had as good a postseason as any pitcher in recent memory. However, as you know, the postseason is not considered in the voting for the Cy Young award. Carston Charles (CC) was certainly as good as Beckett, and in my estimation as well as that of a large majority of the voters was actually the better pitcher this past season. While he had one fewer loss than Beckett, CC pitched more games (34 vs. 30), logged more innings (241 vs. 200 2/3), had a lower ERA (3.21 vs. 3.27), struck out more batters (209 vs. 194) and walked fewer hitters (37 vs. 40). And probably most telling, Sabathia had less run support (5.1 runs per start) than did Beckett (6.4).

- Donnie Baseball