Sunday, July 09, 2006


A long wait in the airport followed by a long flight followed by a ridiculously long wait in passport control followed by a long walk to store luggage in the proper terminal so as not to have to haul it around resulted ultimately in the familiar bus ride from London to Oxford where I immediately was brought back to last summer. I'm staying with RoJo, our fellow DCAT stalwart, at his parents' place just outside of the centre (note adaptable spelling) of town. He came up from Brighton just for the occasion. It's a rainy day here in the United Kingdom and my guess is that we will just chill for a bit before heading up the pub for reunions and good times and my first experience with Engand's new pub hours.

I'm completely torn as to tonight's game. More and more I think France's veteran's are going to overcome Italy's youth. It should be fun to watch it amidst passionate (and embittered) England fans.


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