Friday, June 30, 2006

Generations Ago

A night when you randomly run into an ex-girlfriend (note: a girlfriend from almost a decade ago; from Grahamstown -- a thousand miles away; whom you sort of thought dumped you, only to find out tonight that maybe things were different from her vantage point; who avows that she always loved you [what was she talking about? Every night was like a game of cat and mouse with her?]; who kind-of, sort-of offered one last time for old-times sake-and-maybe-future-sake; who still is remarkably attractive by South African party-girl standards) coupled with a night in which you realize that running into that same ex- does not have the same effect on you that it would have five years ago (ie: that it would screw with your head) can really screw with your head.

It felt like a scene from High Fidelty, one of my favorite books-cum-movies ever, that ended up on the cutting room floor. She was like the top-five breakup who was never on the list, but she heard of the list, so in light of knowing that she knew the list existed, I felt I ought to give her a place on the list, but we both would have known that being high on the list would be a lie, so we agreed to accept that she was #4 even though she was nowhere near number four.

So it was a weird night.


montana urban legend said...

Makes you realize how short life is to waste too much time w/people who can't bother to figure their own selves out.

dcat said...

Yeah -- of course we get these insights only after we've wasted the time!