Monday, January 23, 2006

Conference Championships

OK, so I wasn't really right in too many meaningful ways yesterday. Yes, the Seahawks were, as I suspected, the better team. No, Denver did not come to play and that game should have been a blowout. Yes, Roethlisburger showed me something. No, the NFC game was not a barn burner. No, neither game was especially interesting to watch.

But riddle me this -- Am I alone, or just because the AFC is the far superior conference, (I don't think any serious person doubts this) is anyone else dumbfounded by the fact that the Steelers, who came into the playoffs as a sixth seed, are favored by 5.5 over the #1 NFC seed Seahawks? Isn't the fact that the Steelers on consecutive weeks did their damndest to give big leads away at al disquieting to anyone? Isn't the fact that the Seahawks manhandled everyone's chic pick, the Panthers, at all germane? As you might guess, I will write much more about all of this in the coming two weeks. (I hate the two week layoff -- this game should be played next week; it is one thing to play a February game out of necessity; it is quite another thing to let the Super Bowl creep into February just because.) But my early line is that Seattle wins by a touchdown.


Tom said...


Pittspuke is playing really well right now, despite the fact that their running game is not what it used to be. It is worth remembering that they did go 15-1 a year ago. My bigger question is this: what do you mean they avoided the two best teams in the AFC this year? In the playoffs, they played and beat, on the road, the three best teams, record-wise, in the AFC this year. They did not play the Patriots, but that's not really their fault. And the Steelers beat the Browns, twice my friend. Twice.

Seattle looked pretty impressive yesterday, but you are right about the AFC-NFC comparison. I'm a fan of Carolina, but their defense was not dominating this year and their offence was painfully one-dimensional (which Seattle shut down). I'm glad the 'Hawks are going to the Superbowl, because they are the only NFC team who can make it a good game, but the Squeelers look like a team of destiny.

By the way, how come no one is mentioning that Plaxico Burress leaving was addition by subtraction for this Pittspuke team?

dcat said...

Tom --
Even before your comment I deleted that -- I had a brainfart with the Colts game. It's changed now.
But as I say -- Pittsburgh had those two games won in laughers and in the 4th quarter of both they gave a glimmer of hope -- they really got lucky agasinst the Colts, and they did everything in their power to let Plummer have a chance, but unfortunately for him, his carriage turned into a pumpkin. meanwhile Seattle is playing really well, and I just think that when they face off in two weeks, however sort of well Pittsburgh is playing will not make a difference. it certainly should not have them installed as 5.5 point favorites, an absurdly high line especially given that Pittsburgh is not coming in like St. Louis did in 2001. Pittsburgh was the 6th seed in the AFC. No way they should be seen as 5.5 points better.
Put it this way -- I may well look into betting on this game. With a 5.5 point margin right now it seems like printing money. I could well be wrong. But that line just seems ridiculous.

As for no one mentioning Plaxico? You just did, my friend.

Oh -- and while we are at it: yesterday Hines Ward (who i generally like) gesticulated vigorously when Roetlisburger did not see him when he was open. If I were Roethlisburger, I'd grab Ward by the scruff of the neck and say "listen, you little punk, the only reason you are playing your position is because you can't play mine. If you ever show me up like that again you'll be my fourth option for the rest of your career. I'm playing the position you were not good enough to play."


Rhonda said...

I'll grant you that Cowher's prevent defense is excruciating to watch, but it's been working for years. Yes, it means they don't win by 15 points, but they still win. Almost every time: if at any point in the game, they have a lead of at least 11, the Steelers under Cowher have a record of something like 103-1-1.

Don't hate the 'burgh.

dcat said...

Rhonda --
Uh oh, we now have me wedged between a Pittsbugh fan and a Cleveland fan. I'm sure there is a joke to be made somewhere. I'm just afraid you two wouldn't get it. (Thank you very much! Tip your waitstaff!)

Maybe we'll get some sort of dcat Super Bowl pool going. I'll see what the board of directors thinks . . .