Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Brazil Bound

In a few days I'll be heading to Brazil for the 2014 World Cup. This is primarily a pleasure trip, but between my academic interests in sport, society, and politics and the fact that I'll be writing about the experience for a Texas newspaper group (I'll share links as I can) there is certainly a professional component involved (or that's my story, anyway).

I'm especially interested in comparing and contrasting the experience I had in South Africa with that in Brazil. Obviously not much will ever pass 2010 for me in terms of its meaning professionally and personally, but it should still be a wonderful opportunity.

I'm going to be based in Porto Alegre with my friend Jaime and his family, and as of now have tickets to three group stage games -- France-Honduras, South Korea-Algeria, and the one we are most anticipating, Nigeria-Argentina. I'll be supporting the Super Eagles, and all of the African sides while they will be all about Argentina. Then we have tickets to one of the knockout games, which will pit the winner of Group G (The Group of Death -- Germany, Portugal, Ghana, and the US) and the second place finisher in Group H (Belgium, Algeria, Russia, and South Korea).

I'll post occasionally and will try to link some of my pieces as I go.   

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