Thursday, July 28, 2011

AP & Me on Stadium Security Post-9/11 (Self-Indulgence Alert!)

I was interviewed by a writer from the Associated Press on the issue of stadium security ten years after 9/11 largely on the basis of this piece for The Public Sphere that I wrote about three years ago. And when you get quoted in a story by AP it ends up appearing everywhere. (My personal favorite is Sports Illustrated via


Big Texas said...

Saw it in the Austin American Statesmen this morning. I was glancing at the article, not sure if I was interested enough to spend the time to read it, and the name "Catsam" stuck out. I thought, how many people have that name, could it really be Derek? Sure enough, it was. You get around quite a bit my friend! Congrats on the publicity

dcat said...


Modest fame and the even more modest fortune that awaits is a gas, gas, gas.