Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Red Sox Report: New Verse, Same as the First

Since my last Sox Report the Red Sox went 3-3. Blah. Blah blahbity blah blah.

Mediocrity is in some ways even more frustrating than abject badness. They win a couple, they lose a couple, each winning streak yin met with a losing streak yang, every sign of hope dampened by worrisome trends. .500 becomes the top of the hill, each new opposing team Sisyphus' rock.

Tonight the second season series with the Yankees kicks off in the New Toilet Bowl in the Bronx. I have a nice bet with Holmes this year -- every year we have different stakes, sometimes tied to sauces from our respective barbecue hotbeds, sometimes requiring the loser to buy the winner a hat or tee or shorts from a local sports team, or the other's favorite sports teams. This year's bet has an air of the philanthropic about it, as for each win equals five dollars for the charity of the winner's choice. The Sox are up 2-1 early on, so $10 is allocated to the Jimmy Fund, and I believe I am at $5 and counting for Children's Hospital. There are no losers in this one, though I hope my side wins a lot more.

This would be a great time to get rolling on the winning streak that we Sox fans have been counting on. The Yankees lead the way in the East but are themselves vulnerable. Someone will distinguish themselves in the division this year. Now would be a good time for the Sox to do so. I'd as soon not be reflecting on another .500 week seven days from now.

The Yankees Suck.


Rich Holmes said...

At this rate the postage and shipping on the box of BBQ sauces I'd be sending you this year could be more than the check I'll be writing to the Jimmy Fund.

Oh. You suck, by the way.

Simon Radford said...

The Yankees, for once, seem to have holes in that line-up. Don't convinced by Posada at DH, Colon is not the answer in the rotation, and how deep is that rotation to begin with? Their bullpen- minus Mariano- doesn't exactly wow me anyway.
After we allow for some of our regression back to the mean (Lowrie cools off, Pedy, Crawford etc heat up), I am only concerned about Lackey and Dice-K. I feel like acquiring some pitching at the deadline could be the decision which makes or breaks us this year.