Saturday, January 30, 2010

Honey, Can You Take Out the Trash?

There are thousands of writers and intellectuals who would kill to have just one of their opinion pieces appear in The New York Times. And they would confess to another crime they did not commit to have that piece appear in the Sunday "Week in Review" section. Count me in as one of those people.

Which is why it is so incredibly dispiriting to read a piece like this one, by Sandra Tsing Loh, in last week's Sunday Times. The purpose of the column, from what I can tell, is to brag that she makes more than the man in her life; to allow her to concoct an idealized and self-indulgent picture of a romanticized 1950s scene domestic bliss; and in ways that are not clear to tie it all into the difficulties of modern life. This is a column we've all read ten thousand times before. Surely the Times received a hundred potential contributions this week that the editors did not even deign to recognize with a response that were more substantial and more coherent than this flatulent garbage.


Mark said...

As I said in my repost (ht'ed to you, if you don't mind): I really don't know what this is. I do know that the "fantasy" never existed, nor should it have. And whatever points might be buried in this mess are probably more disturbing than that vision she thinks she has. Neither The Atlantic nor the NY Times should be at all proud that this woman is associated with them.

dcat said...

Mark --
Thanks for writing. (No problem with a ht!) I pretty much agree with you straight down the line. This seems to be an attempt at three op eds, none of them good.