Monday, March 23, 2009

The Epic Road Trip

3,510 miles of driving. A nights spent somewhere in a highway hotel in east Arkansas, multiple nights each in in Asheville, Charlotte, Columbia, and Charlottesville, and a couple of hours dozing at a rest area outside of a place called Hope on a marathon drive home. Research at the University of South Carolina's South Caroliniana Library and a well-attended panel at the Virginia Festival for the Book (keep your eyes open for it on C-Span's Book-TV). A fellows reunion for the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities.

Also: a still unresolved hotel charge in Charlottesville involving a several-hundred-dollar error currently errantly going (natch) in their favor. Oh: And an absurd speeding ticket (note to Virginia's Highway Patrol: shame on you for pulling over five cars in a row in the last three miles on I-81 in Virginia, all of which had out-of-tstae license plates on a race weekend when thousands of people were descending on your highway redoubt. And fuck you, Trooper Badge #5093, you premature ejaculating lying pedophile -- the false accusations bit works both ways -- I had not even reached the speed limit and was barely even back on the Interstate after having stopped to get gas a few hundred yards before. I wasn't even going 70, never mind 79.)

Finally, home. Seeing the wife (yeay!) and eating home-cooked food. Serious unpacking. And blissful sweet sleep. Hopefully I'll be back in regular contact soon.

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