Monday, January 28, 2008

RoJo on the State of the Union

My buttons are bursting with Armitage Shanks pride (that's an inside joke for my Oxford contingent). RoJo has published a fine piece in New Statesman on the State of the Union address and its evolution over the course of the country's history. It's concise, smart, well written, and you'll learn a few things over the course of reading it. He's also been posting up a storm at Amiable Dunce, with witty and insightful commentary on The Wire (which is the greatest show in television history) and the primaries.


Robin said...

I will continue my advancement of the local Obama Wave, as you call it, and let you know of a local event we are hosting next week.

Also, I was hoping you might elaborate on how you think an Obama administration would handle relations with Africa..he recently sent out a broadcast over Kenyan radio confronting the crisis there, and with his paternal ties to that country in particular, which makes me believe there might be some hope..

dcat said...

Do keep me posted.

The key to anyone's Africa policy is to surround himself, or at least stock the foreign policy apparatus, with people who know something about Africa. Obama has been less-than inspiring in response to the Sudan and so far has had little of substance to say about events on the rest of the continent. i have come to expect that Africa will be left on the sidelines, but it still disappoints me. Obama's race may well have little influence on his Africa policy -- most black Americans are little more interested, concerned, or knowledgable about Africa than anyone else in the US.