Monday, December 12, 2005


Since I too often criticize those who rebel against so-called “political correctness” by overacting to the point of absurdity (see my war on Christmas post), it is only fair to also point out genuine instances of PC gone amok.

The Washington Post had an article with the following headline: “Psychiatry Ponders Whether Extreme Bias Can Be an Illness.”

From the article:

“Mental health practitioners say they regularly confront extreme forms of racism, homophobia and other prejudice in the course of therapy, and that some patients are disabled by these beliefs. As doctors increasingly weigh the effects of race and culture on mental illness, some are asking whether pathological bias ought to be an official psychiatric diagnosis.”

That’s right, “perpetrators of hate crimes could become candidates for treatment, and physicians would become arbiters of how to distinguish "ordinary prejudice" from pathological bias.”

Friend, I am not a psychiatrist, and have no real medical training, but come on! Hatred isn’t a disorder anymore than under-tipping at restaurants.

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