Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Licensing Laws Update

Some of you may remember my post of many moons ago about the upcoming change in England's licensing laws. Well, inspired by the front page of the Independent today, I thought I'd let everyone know how the blood and vomit soaked drunken apocalypse, that was predicted by so many in the press and in opposition parties, is progressing over here. Well, its not. It never happened. Tony Blair and I were right, everbody else (Mr. Huzzey) was wrong. Serious violent crime dropped by 21% following the change, staggered closing times have reduced taxi-rank flashpoints and given the Police the chance to deal more effectively with the incidents that do occur. Personally, in January I glassed 47% less people than I did in October, have enjoyed being able to leave the house later, and have had the novel experience of leaving a pub before it closes. It would be nice, however, if the Brighton Bus Company modified its schedule to match our new continental lifestyle.

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dcat said...

Hooray, England! I cannot wait to get back and enjoy the fruits of thine entry into the modern era!
And I am glad to hear that your incidents of glassing are down. The rest of the Shanks and I were considering an intervention last summer.